Európsky zbor solidarity Volunteers united in diversity
October 2019 - March 2020 

Duration: 6 months

Location: Athens, Greece

Starting date: October 2019 - March 2020

We are looking for:

- 2 young people (18-30 years old), slovak residents, who will move in Athens and by learning new skills and knowledge will be in position to act for the support of the local youth. Volunteers will work on projects which aim to create a better life for youngsters, especially for those with fewer opportunities and those who are having luck educational support at their daily life. This systematic work along with all the other activities of our NGO will benefit the local community. In addition through inter-cultural activities the volunteers will present their culture, and through daily life they will be integrated in the Greek society. "Volunteers united in diversity" based on achievements of the organization and our action in Athens over the past 3 years, in the field of Youth participation, Human Rights and Democracy, media and Structured Dialogue. The project will offer to the local youth a non-formal series of methods for good life, inspired by non-formal education. Methods and activities were adapted to the city life, to promote our aims in different target groups such as: University Students, High School Students, unemployed youth and young people with fewer opportunities (focus on the city, religious diversity). The social challenges in combination with the financial crisis in our country, Greek society is getting worse with Human Rights transferred in the shadow.

Volunteers working with young people will learn and develop ways to face these challenges that both are beneficial for themselves and the social environment! Promoting active participation in the city democratic life and offer educational opportunities to the young people is the first step for a better society.

Tasks of volunteers:

- support the policy making' activities by I.R.T.E.A. (opinion polls, papers submissions, social media campaigns, etc.)

- support the organizational tasks of I.R.T.E.A. for its EU funded projects, communication with local society, implementation of EU simulation games with youth, in the organization's local and international activities, etc.

- participate in EUBLOG portal by writing articles in English.

- develop his/her own project ideas which will be relevant with the organization's goals and activities after agreement with Hosting organization

Volunteers' profile Criteria

- young people 18-30 years old, willing to get to know people and different cultures, english level B1

- Curriculum Vitae (Europass format) and Motivation letter are obligatory for applying for the project

The project is funded by European Solidarity Corps programme - accommodation will be fully covered, a volunteer will receive pocket money 150€/monthly, food allowance 100€/monthly, health insurance, travel costs from Slovakia to Greece and back will be covered up to 275€ and local transport during the project will be covered as well.

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