How to stop infodeformation in YOUth
07.-14.01.2020, Bratislava, Slovakia


One of the victims of spreading disinformation are young people. They often do not have enough knowledge to evaluate if the news are true or false, though we must admit that this is very difficult for all individuals as nobody an expert in all subjects. What can and should we do in order to protect young people against the negative impact of disinformation and manipulation? We should help them build their capacities and strengths to make them more resistant to fake news and manipulative intentions of the environment they live in. We should help them recognize the disinformation, hoaxes, fake news by identifying their common traits and specific types of their sources. We should develop their abilities in the area of critical thinking. We should spread awareness about the dangers of disinformation and show its perilous effects. It's necessary to uncover the false stories and show the true story behind while pointing at the dishonest intentions of the disinformation sources.