Social economy

Social economy, youth unemployment and solidarity. These were the main themes of the youth exchange which ended on Monday 14 October, involving 30 young Europeans aged between 18 and 30 from Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Portugal and Slovakia in an 8-day experience of cultural dialogue, inclusions and integration. The project, organized Social Economy + opportunities and challenges for youth entrepreneurship, took place in Mytilene, capital of the island of Lesbos in Greece.

The main objectives of the project were:

– to raised young people’s awareness of the problems and difficulties in rural areas, 

– to recognized development opportunities within communities, 

– to mobilized young people in active participation in impact and personal and community development activities, 

– to supported entrepreneurship youth, promoted intercultural cooperation and problems related to youth unemployment in European countries and finally the promotion of the Erasmus + program as a tool to encourage young people to citizenship activities and integration. 

We were living in the hotel close to the place were activities took part. The food was delicious, all the time nicely done and prepared with no waiting time. Sitting together eating and talking in open space created special atmosphere of the vibes of Greece. The program was interesting, we learned so much. We appreciate the fact that the project was designed to have enough free time to get to know and integrate with other participants. The atmosphere throughout the project was very pleasant and we felt relaxed. We were grateful that we had time to meet incredible and positive association and people from Poliana, culture and people from other countries, with some of them we created special relationships to be in contact even after the project. Our Slovak group was cohesive and cooperative, we believe we contributed as much as we could what has been transferred as a result into the positive evaluation of the project.

We believe we will use the knowledge from the project at university and in real life, because we have obtained theoretical and especially practical information from our stay on the Island and through the project´s activities from those we can only benefit later.

Huge thanks for this opportunity

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