Plan an Idea, Grow a Business!

In the second half of November, 6 young people from Slovakia were about to learn more about eco-entrepreneurship, 0-waste concept and eco-friendly products. After exhausting journey, when each and every one of us finally got into the hotel in Denizli, Turkey, near the cotton castle, Pamukkale, we were ready to learn. Even before the official start of ice-breakers and multiple energizers, we started to mingle with other participants, practising our language skills, started with small talks and after few hours we could talk about anything. Meeting new people from Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Poland or Germany was such fun. The next days the real fun started, we finally got into making projects, presenting and getting know each other. We were making presentations, discussing the ecological problems in our countries, opportunities for young entrepreneurs, looking for eco-friendly products and advertising them, picking up garbage around Pamukkale and having fun while learning on cultural nights. Cultural nights were amazing, we got to try food and drinks which many of us never had the chance to try before. We saw presentations, and learned something new again. Also, we went for a trip, or multiple ones, since we needed to blow some steam off. Since we were accomodated near to Pamukkale, we visited Hieropoli, which is a historical city close to the thermal pools. The second one was to Salda lake, which is also called turkish Maldives and the last (and in my humble opinion the most exciting one) was to Ephesus, which is considered to be one of the 7 world’s wonders. It was an amazing opportunity to saw such things and we can’t do nothing but reccomend to saw all of these, since each and every one was worth to see. We finalised our effort when we divided into groups and started to work on our own business model canvas. Lastly we presented it and by this, our project ended. It was life-changing experience, very helpful and also thanks to this, we can better understand that if you want to start enterprising, you can go all green. Personally we would love to thank organizers from Youth for Equality and Pamukkale entrepreneurs club.


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