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Self- Presentation action!

We are looking for 15  participants (16-19 years) from 28.09.2023 – 06.10.2023 for our upcoming project in Szczawnica in the province. Małopolskie, Center of Education and Upbringing in Szczawnica-Jabłonka .
The main objective of the project is to support the social inclusion of 30 project participants from Poland and Slovakia during 7-day workshops will be related to self-presentation and improvisation, held in Szczawnica, Poland. The project will help participants to fight for themselves and support their self-confidence and faith in their own abilities through workshops on image creation and self-presentation.
Objectives to be achieved during the project:
– increasing competencies related to introducing oneself, speaking so that we are listened to,
– increasing self-confidence,
– increase in language competencies (the need to communicate in English with Slovak youth),
– increasing internationalization,
– acquiring the ability to perform in front of a larger group of people,
– enhancement of character through the need to be assessed by the audience,
– breaking the barriers related to staying with people from another country,
– increase in tolerance,
– satisfy curiosity about other European nations,
– increasing competencies related to self-presentation, building trust towards other people,
– acquiring behavioral skills supporting the growth of other people’s trust towards us.