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Dear all,
We are looking for 4 Slovak participants for our upcoming training course project in Trnava,Slovakia.
ARRIVAL DAY: 09-04-2024
DATES OF THE PROJECT: 09.04.2024-16.04.2024
DEPARTURE DAY: 16-04-2024
“Tomorrow’s YouthTech” goes beyond what is possible with technology. It’s about making youth workers more influential in their fields and turning them into agents of digital development. By combining collective learning, skill development, and knowledge sharing, the initiative hopes to create a relationship in which skilled Youth workers connect young people to the endless and always-changing world of digital possibilities. This will make sure that young people are ready to use digital tools for learning, innovation, and personal growth in the future.

To give youth workers better digital skills and knowledge so they can confidently use digital tools in their youth work. In this case, Youth workers’ digital skills to effectively mentor and guide young individuals in developing their digital competencies.

To use digital tools in their interactions with young people in a way that doesn’t feel awkward. This will improve engagement, communication, and learning. Digital skills assessments among young people in partner countries to tailor interventions effectively.

To teach and guide young people on how to act responsibly online, making sure that they are safe and private, and act in an ethical way. Young people on internet safety and security, guided by youth workers to ensure responsible online behavior.

To be able to inspire and guide young people to use technology in a positive way for their own growth and future success. Young people with relevant digital skills, enabling them to confidently navigate the digital landscape. technology integration in education, aiming to enhance teaching methods and prepare youth for a technology-driven future.

The main target group of the project is youth workers and young leaders from the 7 partner countries. Specifically, the project is designed for 4 youth workers from each partner country. Participants. Participants will be aged 18+.