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Youth for Democracy in Bulgaria

We are looking for 6 SLOVAK participants for our upcoming youth exchange project in Varna, Bulgaria. 



ARRIVAL DAY: 22.05.2024 

DEPARTURE DAY: 28.05.2024

WHO:  5 young people + 1 team leader

AGE OF PARTICIPANTS: over 18 years


Let’s embark on an exciting journey together! Our aim is to engage and empower young people to be active citizens and through their actions to promote the common EU values, foster youth participation in Europe’s democratic life and engage young people for sustainable and inclusive Europe. 


We will dive into the art of storytelling and interviewing, boosting our skills and knowledge along the way. We’re also shining a spotlight on why it’s crucial for young voices to be heard in building societies that are sustainable, inclusive, and peaceful all across Europe. Get ready to connect with fellow young changemakers, as we empower each other to become active citizens and play a part in strengthening democratic processes. Along the path, we’ll pick up valuable new skills in active participation, activism, and campaigning, amplifying our impact even further. And as we explore, we’ll uncover the common values that bind us as Europeans, discovering how to promote and protect them every step of the way. 


Find more details here:  infopack.pdf