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Dí Ou eM aỊ in GREECE!

Are you serious? Why would you do that? You have a beautiful relationship, awesome place for a living, good job. Why the hell would you go to Greece for a volunteering service?

I would simply use the words of Sir Richard Branson

“I like challenges in life and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.”

I got used to easy organized life so quickly over the past few years that I almost forgot about my dreams. And as the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others the decision was easy to make. Especially if you have a support from your loved one.

Shortly after my arrival to small city Komotini, I have realized that these upcoming months are about my personal development and my own choices aligned with the interests of System & G as well.

So I have decided to work on several ideas. First of all, as I had a chance to participate on few youth exchanges and even organize two in Slovakia, I want to push myself and write my own 2 phase project about Healthy mind & body. I’m pretty familiar with creating brochures, posters, mobility tools, organizing educational visits so I am helpful for my sending and hosting organization as well.

My second big task is to create Non-formal educational program for schools in Komotini in cooperation with Kesy Rodopis. Our lovely volunteers from Ukraine will be part of it as well and each of us will lead the class on different topics.

Foodie is my second name and as I need to burn the calories somehow I found yoga, hiking and running as a great way to keep myself strong as peaceful warrior! Based on all of these activities I adore, I have decided to start a running club for all the people thinking about the new habit. Well it might start with running and end up eating lovely cake in patisserie. But you will not feel guilty alone at least!

My last task is to enjoy Greece as much as I can! Traveling is my passion and many Greek islands are on my list. If you can recommend any unique place to see don’t hesitate to reach me.

Yaaas! ❤