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Summer Camp Adventure, 26.6.-11.7.2020, Lužice, Czech Republic

The main aim of our project is to awaken enthusiasm in the young people and show them how magical and rewarding working with children is, teach them different kinds of games and activities they can use any time and also give them the opportunity to experience life at a place in the middle of the countryside where there is forest on one side and river on the other.

Hľadáme 6 účastníkov vo veku od 18 – 30 rokov a 2 lídrov od 18 rokov

Deadline prihlásenia sa: 15.06.2020

Make Environment Great Again!, 10-19.8., Pirovac, Croatia

The goal of this YE is to develop competencies among young people to lead by an example and to make their everyday life more friendly to the environment.

Objectives of the project:

1. Improve key environmental competences of youth people

2. Improve health of young people

3. Develop understanding of moral and environmental consequences of people´s eating and shopping habits

Hľadáme 5 účastníkov vo veku od 18 – 25 rokov a 1 lídra

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Summer Camp Challenge, 28.7.-6.8.2020 (Lužice, Czech Republic + Turkey 2021)

The project consist of 2 youth exchanges – one in summer 2020 in Czech Republic and the second in summer 2021 in Turkey. During this first exchange, you are going to experience a true summer camp atmosphere – playing outdoor games, learning to live in nature, practicing your physical as well as soft skills in various activities. At the same time, you are already going to learn what is behind these great activities, you will learn to organize them and get ready to be the leaders in the next summer camp – prepare programme, implement the games and take care of the youth.

Participants need to participate in both youth exchanges.

Hľadáme 5 účastníkov vo veku od 18 – 30 rokov a 1 lídra od 18 rokov

Deadline prihlásenia sa: 30.06.2020

Myths and Stories of Europe!, Valcea, Romania

The main aim is promoting European cultural heritage among our pupils determining them to improve their school success. Using stories as a core element is a safe way to raise students’ interest in the project topic and encouraging them to bring their contribution. Students have an innate love of stories, fairy tales and myths. As a teaching tool, storytelling helps in developing imagination, creativity, empathy, respect, tolerance, appreciation for different cultures and in encouraging a positive attitude among people no matter the country, religion and race. Implementing activities using the VARK model promoted by Neil Fleming will make the project approachable to a wide variety of students. Bringing together students with different personalities and visions, having a greater impact when creating the project products.

Hľadáme 8 účastníkov vo veku od 17 – 21 rokov a 2 lídrov od 18 rokov

Deadline prihlásenia sa: 30.06.2020

Artistic Activities With Assistance of Dogs, Klaipeda, Lithuania

The main aim of the project is to foster socialisation and collaboration of youngsters in international mixed-ability-group through creative activities with dogs. In order to achieve these aims the following activities will be organised: warmingup, energisers, games to know each other better, game “Label” and tolerance lesson, activities to know better the dogs (game “Dog Alike to …”, study visit to husky kennel or other dogs´ organization, lesson about dogs), creative activities with dogs, excursions, etc.

Participants with fewer opportunities and participants with disability will participate in the project.

Hľadáme 5 účastníkov vo veku od 18 – 30 rokov a 1 lídra od 18 rokov

Deadline prihlásenia sa: 30.06.2020

Game Exchange, Tallinn, Estonia 

The international Contact Making Event “Game Exchange” aims to enhance the quality of cooperation among youth organizations working or having a desire to work with game-based learning through providing space for exchange of best practices in game-based learning, building trust among organization representatives and developing a common cooperation plan among organizations.

To exchange best practices of youth work based on the experiences of local and international activities of partner organizations using game-based learning. 

Hľadáme 2 pracovníkov s mládežou od 18 rokov

Deadline prihlásenia sa: 30.06.2020

Living Together, Ioannina, Greece

Living Together is a project that will be hosted for the first time inside the structure of unaccompanied minors refugees at Ioannina. For a week 18-25 May 2020, young Europeans will live together with young refugees who will participate in youth exchange. Eating together, playing together, receive the exact same education, talking together about their dreams and future. Without discrimination in a simulation of European society as it should be.

Hľadáme 6 účastníkov vo veku od 18 – 30 rokov a 1 lídra od 18 rokov

Deadline prihlásenia sa: 30.06.2020

AENEAS, Palermo, Italy 

Participants will experience a full immersion of performing arts and non-formal sessions, ten days of activities as follows:

– introduction to themes of migration, anti-discrimination, social inclusion and European awareness to help participants think about a more inclusive Europe, and to take more proactive action at their local level, developing their understanding and experience of European citizenship;

– visits to local centres working with migrant youth or young people with fewer opportunities to develop participants’ knowledge of good practices to contrast radicalisation and xenophobia;

– theatre, music and dance as means of intercultural dialogue to develop participants’ awareness on discrimination and exclusion through non-formal learning methods namely theatre and creativity;

– Aeneas’ myth: final performance set up to celebrate young people’s creativity through the staging of this ancient Greek drama, and disseminate the results to other young people with final performance to other youngsters and the local community.

Hľadáme 4 účastníkov od 18 rokov

Deadline prihlásenia sa: 30.06.2020