A Green life to making a difference


Italian agricultural tourism centre Selvanova hosted a youth exchange "A Green life to making a difference" at the end of April 2019. The event was held just after Easter holiday, thus became a unique opportunity to compare Easter traditions and habits in different countries across Europe.

The wine and olive oil making company is famous for, by owner's choice, ecological and quality-over-quantity production. During the week, we got aware of sustainable methods when it comes to agriculture, for example allowed vs. forbidden pest control treatment. Presenters managed to bring us a feeling that the way of entrepreneurship which is responsible towards both environment and society makes sense, even nowadays at the age of low prices trend and excessive supermarket consume.

We definitely did not stay only at agriculture topic - all the participating countries brought an own insight into sustainability topic. Sometimes it was surprising how less developed countries were able to enlighten European ecofriendly lifestyle leaders about new perspectives of living. Fortunately, enviroinnovations have been becoming the reality and many incentives to switch to sustainable lifestyle have been rising all over Europe.

An important aspect of the project was intensive intercultural exchange. Funny moments those are seeing youth, previously never involved in Slovak culture, doing their best imitating folklore, girls yelling and boys whistling like a typical Slovak village inhabitants. It is always a great feeling teaching foreigners about own cultural background, important phrases form own language, in this manner creating lifelong friendships.

To all of you our new soulmates, see you somewhere in Europe!

On behalf of Slovak team I want to say Thanks to Youth for Equality for this amazing experience. 

Enjoy the short video from the project here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1HCiy9gzw4&fbclid=IwAR1SrjYKHL35dsv_EIlY8HJlJVX9pe8Iqwgb5Ez28bk2gkKg6y5SqJjRcaA

Ľudovít Popelka