Creative problem solving


In September, we took part in the interesting project Creative social problem solving in refugee and immigrant youth integration, which took place in Vilnius, Lithuania. The project was attended by participants from Greece, Armenia, Italy and Turkey. The first evening we had culutural night, so we introduced our countries and each coutry brought the traditional food and others tasted it. We tasted the Lithuanian food in the restaurant, which provided every ours food. We tried all the most favourite and traditional food. During the project, we have learned to use many creative techniques, such as creating collages from magazine snippets on topics related to immigrants and refugees, drawing, creating characters from various materials or model from clay. These techniques helped us how to work creatively with people who have had to leave their homes and who may not be able to express themselves other than through art. After the official program prepared by the organizers, we had a lot of fun - at the evening social games. We took a tour of the city and visited the surrounding towns during free time. Overall it was a lovely experience which will last long after the project. 

Thank you for this opportunity Youth for Equality. 

Hana, Dominika, Alexandru and Pavol