Global Youth


I was sipping tea in rainy England, scrolling through facebook when a call for participant appeared on my screen. Reading the description and project objectives, I knew where I want to be in September - in Moldova, joining Global Youth Erasmus+ training. Lucky me, soon I received confirmation mail announcing I was chosen and I can start preparing for the project. I was leaving to Moldova quite confident. I have already participated in a few similar projects, so what could surprise me? Well, in Moldova, I was surprised by something all the time. By the language, roads, cuisine, traditions, the situation in the country. The country itself was one HUGE lesson. Even the project itself was done differently than I was used to. Sessions were done by professors from universities, which made the programme super interesting and one day we even visited a university in Chisinau. The topic of the project was global responsibility, so we were talking about 17 sustainable development goals and to be honest, I felt so sad and frustrated listening to alarming data. How can we be so blind and do not see what is going on? Why we do not want to see, what have we done to planet Earth? Why we do not take the small steps, that are so easy to make? Who is responsible for this chaos and who can save the situation? It was not easy to realize how bad the situation is and admit that WE are the ONES who can change it. Returning home, participants from all 9 countries knew the tools they can use in their work with youth in order to protect the planet and act more responsibly towards it and I really hope, together we can change the situation.

So now, let´s take some small steps!

Soňa Turanová