Slovenská delegácia "Greenovation" v Grécku (jún, 2018):

"V prvom rade mi dal možnosť spoznať skvelých ľudí a ukázal mi aké je to spolunažívať s ľuďmi v komunite. Robili sme sebarozvíjajúce a sebapoznávacie aktivity, samozrejme moje obľúbené prírodné staviteľstvo. Využijem to na rozvoj trvalo udržateľného života."

"I think that this project influenced me in many ways. Not only it improved my knowledge about community life style but also my practical skills in making sun-dried bricks. I found out that cooperation among people if very important. I realized that eventrought we are community every invidiual is extermly important. Every emotion and every feeling, idea, wish is apprectiated.

The love that we shared is something I can not describe. Everybody showed best part of themself.I always had the idea of sustainablility in me but thats to many workshops from people who were extremely inspiring this idea even grow "

'My overal impression from project is great. I think the theme was really meaningfull and i learned things about sustainibility that i will definitely use in my future. I am reducing waste already and i am planning to cut on meat and build owen and maybe other buildings from earth and share what i learned during the eco-building workshops that we had. The most unique and new thing for my was the comunity life we had and the way we organised ourselfs. It is something i would like to try again."