Let the youngsters run the world!


In July we were part of the project "Young Entrepreneurs for Social Development" in Brussels.
The feedback of the Professor Dr. Contact Hamdi, www.hamditemel.com.tr

Let the young people rule the world!

Turkey, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal and North Macedonia joined the project of Erasmus+ programme in Brussels "Young Entrepreneurs for Social Development".
I took part in the project and all activities.
During this project I tried to understand and learn what young people think about entrepreneurship and non-formal learning. I spent 9 days with a group of young participants whose languages and religions were different, their thoughts were different, their cultures were different, their eating and drinking habits were different, their opinions were different. But their hearts were one. They were respectful to each other. They smiled and enjoyed all together. Their energy never ran out.
The fact that the hosting team was close to perfection was of course the great contribution. Dishes and the taste of Turkish cuisine were an advantage for us, but the participants from other countries did not seem to be disappointed at all. Because Turkish cuisine is really good...
I would like to devote a special paragraph here to the trainer Diana. The project was on high level what comes to learning methods and activities. It was obvious from her approach that she is very experienced. The ice breaking tactics before the start of the lessons were very important and workshops well thought in terms of bringing the participants together. The respect was always there with her. I guess it links with her job, attitudes towards others, precise preparation but also flexibility.
The age of the participants was quite low. Some of them were 16, 17 years old, university students, graduates.
By the common language of the project which was English even those who did not speak that well could improve their foreign language skills. Those who spoke good English were always one step ahead in the activities and project writing workshops. That once again proved how important English is. Those who did not speak English well could communicate by body language.
It was wonderful that each country made a great effort to promote their country during their own cultural night. At our Turkish night, our brother Eren was playing the game "efe ve" and young people were creating amazing atmosphere for him.
The efforts and serious work of the students during the preparation and implementation of the project were great to be seen. During entrepreneurship workshops and preparation of business plans some participants took into account the poverty of the world (old clothes or the distribution of new clothes to the poor, etc.), and others examined the sociological and psychological conditions of the world. With great effort, they prepared their realistic projects and made presentations on behalf of entrepreneurship plans.
I was listening. As I was listening to them, I looked at our future with greater hope.
I thought "let these children run this world".