ReLAKE it!


Another foreign country, another friends, another experiences. There is a lot to look forward in each upcoming project. This was a special one, since for some of us it was the first Erasmus+ experience ever. Anyway, early in one morning, five friends launched onto a journey, in the end of which a hot southern country should await. Finally, after four plane changes and thirteen hours of, at times adventurous, travels, they arrived in a middle of a storm to a small airport, unaware that the ride of their lives is just awaiting them.

Unforgettable roommates and a short night walk were just the start of an amazing week that we were about to go through. In the setting of Burdur, Turkey, with its 260,000 population a bit large for an average Slovak, we were to talk about how to save nearby Salda Lake. Protection of environment is one of the most pressing issues of nowadays, but so necessary to talk about and look for solutions in a creative way. After a few energizing ice-breakers, we were ready to cooperate in various activities with other participants from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Estonia and North Macedonia, and start to make friends with them. By preparing small presentations to related topics, uncovering secrets of the surroundings and the lake itself, we became more and more acquainted with the topic and indispensability to act quickly and efficiently on behalf of the clear azure lake. Besides, we also participated in collective tidying ofone of the beaches, often making quite surprising revelations of what people are capable of bringing with them to spend a day at a beach.

Although it may sound like that, we were not just working hard, sank in the papers and sand. This project provided us with a remarkable opportunity to find out more about tastes, people and culture of this country of notable Ottomans, glamorous architecture and delicious cuisine, which we found a lot about. It was much easier with our friends from other participating countries, as we soon found out. After so many shared experiences, it was really difficult to say good bye to many of them, hoping to see them again soon. Staying in touch with many of them it is not so difficult, although we miss them much. But after coming home, the time has come to use our newly acquired knowledge, and maybe help our lakes as well.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity. :)

Dominika, Timea, Daniel, Jozef and Martin