Walking towards equal opportunities


8 slovaks - 7 days - 6 european countries - one huge and amazing experience! Shortly about our Erasmus plus youth exchange adventure in Portugal. 

How did we feel? What did we learn? And most importantly: What did we experience and with whom? There are no words that could accurately describe the fun and good time all of us had together. Not only when it comes to general stay in Aveiro with all those amazing people but also to the activities that taught us much more about our own living environment than all the formal school lessons did. People make up the world by their actions and at this project, we tried to make it better. We tried to find out how to make it better, and we as a group think that we did just that. Not only did we get to understand all of the minorities better, we also found out how to help them integrate, how to help our planet, we increased the levels of our creativity or even undestanding all of the member countries' cultures much better and deeper. We got to be the witnesses of true intercultural integration and understanding. When it comes to people, we couldn't have hoped for better. All of the socialising activities were just amazing and the feeling of actually living with people from different backgrounds just made the whole experience much more intense and memorable. Great friends came to our lives and they stayed. We are in contact to this day and we are willing to stay that way. All in all, the non-formal education got under our skin and we plan to continue spreading the things we have learned during project to other people and societies around us. 

One huge thanks to Youth for Equality and AveiroViva to this opportunity and experience we could be part of. 

Peter Kasenčák