Skúsenosti účastníkov
Prečítajte si ako prebiehali projekty a aké skúsenosti a zážitky účastníci nadobudli. 

Last month we became participants of our first international youth exchange and right the harder one - training course with interesting title The Power of Human Rights. It took place at unique woody surroundings of the international youth meeting centre House Across Borders in Lommel, Belgium. The project involved 2 youth workers from 13 European...

Stay Offline


To address all the feelings and memories, we have brought back from the exchange would require at least a thin paperback. Nevertheless I will try to briefly summarise them.

Social economy


Social economy, youth unemployment and solidarity. These were the main themes of the youth exchange which ended on Monday 14 October, involving 30 young Europeans aged between 18 and 30 from Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Portugal and Slovakia in an 8-day experience of cultural dialogue, inclusions and integration. The project, organized Social...

ReLAKE it!


Another foreign country, another friends, another experiences. There is a lot to look forward in each upcoming project. This was a special one, since for some of us it was the first Erasmus+ experience ever. Anyway, early in one morning, five friends launched onto a journey, in the end of which a hot southern country should await. Finally, after...