Skúsenosti účastníkov
Prečítajte si ako prebiehali projekty a aké skúsenosti a zážitky účastníci nadobudli. 

In the second half of November, 6 young people from Slovakia were about to learn more about eco-entrepreneurship, 0-waste concept and eco-friendly products. After exhausting journey, when each and every one of us finally got into the hotel in Denizli, Turkey, near the cotton castle, Pamukkale, we were ready to learn. Even before the official start...

The problem of homelessness is getting rampant not only in the European Union, but also the whole wide world. That is the reason why we attended the project Help the Homeless, which took place in Birmingham, UK in October.

Last month we became participants of our first international youth exchange and right the harder one - training course with interesting title The Power of Human Rights. It took place at unique woody surroundings of the international youth meeting centre House Across Borders in Lommel, Belgium. The project involved 2 youth workers from 13 European...

Stay Offline


To address all the feelings and memories, we have brought back from the exchange would require at least a thin paperback. Nevertheless I will try to briefly summarise them.