Skúsenosti účastníkov
Prečítajte si ako prebiehali projekty a aké skúsenosti a zážitky účastníci nadobudli. 

Social economy


Social economy, youth unemployment and solidarity. These were the main themes of the youth exchange which ended on Monday 14 October, involving 30 young Europeans aged between 18 and 30 from Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Portugal and Slovakia in an 8-day experience of cultural dialogue, inclusions and integration. The project, organized Social...

Social Impact


At the beginning of every journey, there is a vision of how it will go. Fortunately, it never goes that way. We realized that quite early on while standing at the airport, ready to cut the usual 10-hour long journey to Croatia down to a 55-minute ride on an unusually small airplane. That was, however, only the first of many...



The first question that comes to your mind when you're going to an international youth exchange is "who are the people I'm going to meet?". The second one being "do I have my wallet, tickets and ID?". What ever you do, the people you're doing it with are what shapes your experience. The Slovak team consisted of Radka, Mária, Eva,...

Global Youth


I was sipping tea in rainy England, scrolling through facebook when a call for participant appeared on my screen. Reading the description and project objectives, I knew where I want to be in September - in Moldova, joining Global Youth Erasmus+ training. Lucky me, soon I received confirmation mail announcing I was chosen and I can start preparing...