Tréningový kurz Spread Ability
3-10.11.2019, Slovakia


Youth workers are working not only with intact (healthly) youth but also with disabled young people who are keen to learn and participate as their peers, just with using different methods. By this project we will adress the issue of low participation of young people with disabilities (YPD) in the non-formal activities with the terms of the same opportunities as others (intact youth) and in terms of their inclusion to the society. Youth workers will learn how to involve, work and help to YPD. They will improve their knowledge and skills how to manage, adjust and create new non-formal activities for YPD. Lack of information and practise prevent youth workers to involve young people with disabilities in their local, national and international activities. By this project we will share the good practisies and will learn youth workers how to use and also create new and direct non-formal activities which they will be able to use in their daily work.