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🌍🔃🚀🇪🇺💡 “We Are Europe! Re:Load in Reggio Calabria: A Week of Learning, Creativity, and Fun”🎨🎭🎬📈📚😄

What a week it has been! 🤩 We discovered a lot of new things. The main focus was put on European values 💬🇪🇺 – all the activities were about them but they were all made in a creative way that made it both fun and also learning at the same time. The biggest plus was that in the second part of the week, we were working on our little “projects” 🎨🎬🎙️ – special activities that we picked before we came – podcasts, ted talks, sculpting, graphic design, video editing….. I think we all enjoyed it because we actually picked an activity according to our interests. We learned a large amount of new information 🧠💡, developed our English skills 🗣️🇬🇧 and met new enriching people! 🤝🌍