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” Cyber Traffic “, in LAMIA, GREECE on 24 September – 3 October

Title: Empowering Youth for a Changing World:

My Experience in a Cybersecurity Youth Exchange in Lamia
Participating in a youth exchange program can be a transformative experience for young individuals, offering them the opportunity to explore new horizons, develop skills, and make connections that can last a lifetime. My recent participation in a youth exchange on cybersecurity in Lamia, Greece was an enriching journey that left me fully satisfied with the event and its arrangements. The event, which focused on cybersecurity, provided a platform for discussions on a wide range of issues and topics.
The youth exchange program in Lamia addressed an array of pressing global issues to the future of work and job markets. It was evident that many of these issues require the active involvement and innovation of youth to bring about positive change. The methods and topics presented during the event were not only useful but highly recommended for fostering meaningful discussions and dialogues. The variety of issues covered demonstrated a holistic approach to youth development. I was particularly grateful for the opportunity to participate, where we interacted with people working in the fields of IT, and cybersecuirty. This interaction provided insights into the practical aspects of the topics discussed during the program, enhancing our understanding of how these concepts are applied in real-world scenarios.
One of the most enriching aspects of the youth exchange program was the opportunity to establish new contacts with individuals from various EU countries. As someone with limited prior experience in this region, meeting and engaging with youth activists and advocates from these specific areas was eye-opening. We engaged in meaningful discussions about the challenges youth face, some of which resonated with my own experiences in Slovakia.


I was surprised that even experienced person within Erasmus+ can progress in personal development infinitely. You don’t have to be student, or to be young, couse of Erasmus+ approach without borders, prejudeces or diets. Whatever you search in Erasmus+, you can find it- with only some determination, personal aims and going out of our usual comfort zone.
Erasmus+ was for me great opportunity, to change my daily routine, travel to new places, meet new people, learn new thing within topic, cultures and habits. Most important for me, was active English during project, that made me improve my basic language skills. First I understimated myself, thinking I would barely speak, but eventually I found similiar people and we practised a lot together.

In an era of technology, the importance of digital literacy is crucial. Erasmus+ project Cyber Traffic
brought together a diverse group of young people from Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Germany, and
Slovakia for a youth exchange in the beautiful country of Greece. The focus of this exchange was to
explore the threats of cyber traffic and to educate participants on the topic of cyber security.

Facilitators prepared for us a pretty busy schedule, full of amazing activities. The program began with
ice-breaking games, which were very helpful in creating a pleasant atmosphere where everyone felt
welcomed. Program continued with a series of workshops focused on cybersecurity, including
sessions on topics such as the creation of robust passwords and the importance of antivirus
protection. Moreover, organizations arranged a Zoom call with experts on cyber security from the
Greek government. The diverse backgrounds of the participants brought different approaches into
discussions during activities.

Besides, broadening our knowledge of internet safety, we had the opportunity to learn about other
cultures. Throughout the culture night, each country had the chance to show its culture, which was
usually done in the form of funny videos, followed by a quiz about concrete country. Attendees also
had the opportunity to try traditional foods, which levelled up the whole experience. The cultural
night was indeed enriching and interesting, but it wasn't the only amazing evening we spent
together. The range of other evening activities included karaoke night, movie night, talent show, and
some more.

At the end of the project, we walked away with a better understanding of the digital world's dangers
and ability to protect against them. Furthermore, we accomplished the creation of a short manual for
safe internet usage. This manual can serve as a quick guideline for safe navigation on the internet,
and it covers topics such as social media safety, online shopping, antivirus protection, and tips on
how to act when you are hacked. Last, but not least we created nice friendships which will for sure
continue also after the project.