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Return to the Self-4 – 10 SEPTEMBER 2023 , Bellavista Hotel, Qawra, Malta

I am really thankful for experience we had during project. The main theme of project was Return to the self. It was training course to help us focus on our needs and getting to know ourselves better. We tried meditations, we used our creativity in lots of activities, we danced and had a lot of fun during project. We got to know Malta and visited beautiful beaches. We had activities in nature to connect to our inner self better. This exchange was very emotional because we really opened up ourselves to participants. We created meaningful connections with each other and made friends with people from different countries. This experience was one of a kind, it helped me to connect to myself and to my inner child. “Marianka Scerbakova”


I couldn’t think of a better decision than to travel to Malta with Youth for Equality this September. This Erasmus was truly a life experience for me.I am very grateful to the organizers who put their heart into our theme and thought of every single detail. They were extremely passionate about the topic, which was very surprising for me. All the participants were youth workers or close in the field, which made it much more enjoyable. We all agreed that we were a very special group. We really bonded during the course and I made some really strong friendships. Everyone was very open, friendly and willing to work on themselves.I am very happy to have participated in this project and would recommend this experience to anyone who likes to travel and briden their horizons. “Kristína Ostricová”