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THE E(ART)H , 23 August to 2 September , Romanİa

From the 23rd of August to the 2nd of September, our group of Slovak participants 🇸🇰 immersed themselves in an Erasmus project centered around the theme of nature and mindfulness 🌿. The project unfolded in Harja, Romania 🇷🇴, a charming village north of Bucharest.

This project took place in Harja, Romania, a little village on the north of Bucharest. We were accommodated in a huge camp with yurts, which was a challenge for some of us. This gave us the opportunity to try out how it is to live in not so comfortable environment. Not to
forget, the night sky view on the stars, thanks to its low light pollution, was an unforgettable experience. The excited faces from the first day on our way to Harja.

A little expression from our girls:
It was an unforgettable experience. I’ve never experienced something like that before. I’ve learned so much from other people, about their culture, their lifestyle… The main purpose of this project was embracing our creativity in many areas. We painted with our feet ( not my favorite activity), sculpted a bust of our friend, created an art from natural materials. I have brought home good memories and friends.

Project was unique in that it combined art and nature, which is very inspiring. During the activities I attended, I was able to explore artistic and creative aspects. Modelling and painting are excellent ways to express our thoughts and feelings about and realize the importance of environmental protection.
The workshops conducted by people from Tenerife allowed me to gain insight into a new culture, and I learned new things. These youth exchanges often contribute to expanding perspectives and creativity. My experience from the Erasmus+ project have a positive impact
on personal and professional development and also on my approach to artistic creations.

Romania really took a toll on me. Being someone who is open to new ideas and activities, this project benefited me from all the aspects. Not only did we have time to embrace ourselves during the activities, yet we also had the option of exploring our insights during our free time.
The people I have met during the project are what makes it the most wonderful experience anyone can imagine. Gaining knowledge about a different culture, their approach to society and problems.. to find out how generous and open some peole can be. But most importantly,
the fun I have experienced is one I can never obtain anywhere else.
I always recommend any type of Erasmus+ project to anyone due to its opportunities. If I can say one thing to someone deciding whether to go or not, I say: Go for it, because you can never truly appreciate it until you experience it. And trust me, it is worth it.

As you can see, every person that attended this project brought something home with them. Lots of new knowledge, insights and good memories. Thanks to its topic, we got the chance to relax and enjoy oursleves, while also being exposed to the hot weather during the day and cold nights in the tents, which I believe we have overcome with high achievement.