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Strengthening Mental Health Of Youth Workers For Better Health Care To Youth

The mobility of youth workers project “Strengthening Mental Health Of Youth Workers For Better Health Care To Youth” was organized in Ankara between October 14 and 21, with the participation of 32 youth workers from 8 countries. The importance of mental health has gained significant recognition in recent years, and various initiatives and programs have emerged to address this issue. One such program that made a positive impact was called STRENGTHENING MENTAL HEALTH OF YOUTH WORKERS held by Erasmus+.  This program has taken part in teams from different countries such as Turkey, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, and of course Slovakia (YOUTH FOR EQUALITY).

Our team actively participated in a mental health program aimed at raising awareness and providing support to young workers struggling with mental health issues. Team members from all countries were dedicated to learning as much as possible and further spreading the knowledge. We participated in different debates, which helped us better understand the topic and the issues.

It was a great experience for the participants and was well organized. Through various workshops, seminars, and sessions, the program provided valuable knowledge and resources on how to improve everyone´s mental health issues. Moreover, the program highlighted the importance of destigmatizing mental health and promoting positive well-being.