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Eco – bridge for Caribbean

The project created by high-school students in Trnava. This project wants to tackle the issue of negative environmental impacts of tourism by educating young people. It wants to encourage “ecotourism” and spread awareness about its ways, which promotes the ideas of traveling more ecologically by using less water, electricity, flights that produce less carbon dioxide and much ecologically friendly ideas, therefore harming less our planet. The project would also raise awareness of the impact traveling has on the local ecosystem in the Caribbean.

The project will specifically develop the key competencies of youth, such as initiative or entrepreneurship and leadership which are so important nowadays for our participants in order to enter Labor market.
Groups of young people from partner countries have worked on this project supported by sending organizations, made researches and it will be a great success to turn our ideas into action. By this way we will also contribute aims to the Youth Strategy 2030.

The participating countries are from Slovakia – crossroads of Central Europe, Croatia – southern part of Europe, Anguilla and St.Maarten with different climate conditions and geographical area.

The activity will take place in St. Peters, in Sint Maarten in April 2021.

The activities will be prepared and carried out by participants themselves. They play the main actors of the project. Non-formal learning methods, such as energizers, team building games, workshops, simulation, study visits will be the main activities organised during this project.