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Move in a green way

Since sport and physical cultural activities impact the environment, it is becoming A NEED for sport organizations and sport-related corporations to develop and publicize their efforts to operate in more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways. These efforts include creating or upgrading sport venues in ways that reduce environmental impacts, running spectator events while remaining sensitive to concerns about carbon emissions and the recycling of trash, and producing athletic goods and apparel from more sustainable materials.

By this project we would like to prove by exchanging practises and researches how existing industrialization processes can be altered in ways that will make production and consumption ‘cleaner’ and more sustainable.

The objectives of our project are:
● to define ecological sustainability in sport by exchanging practises and researches
● to directly improve the knowledge and skills of target group about sustainable sport
by organizing a training seminar and local workshops
● to identify specific sustainable ways and solutions in sport disciplines and activities
gathered in a handbook which will serve as a tool for sport organizations
● to encourage and reduce environmental footprint by raising ecological awareness in sport by
project activities
● to promote ecology as a way of active and healthy lifestyle within project activities
● to foster citizens´engagement in sustainable sport (including those with fewer opportunities)


Kick-Off Meeting – Trnava, Slovakia, February, 2021

Training seminar in Istanbul, Turkey, July, 2021

Local workshops with youngsters between August and November 2021

Local conferences in participating countries between May and June 2022

Final Evaluation Meeting in September 2022 Budapest, Hungary

Partners of the project:


Birzu lengvosios atletikos sporto klubas (BLASK), Lithuania

Asociace TOM CR, TOM 21105 Dumanci , Czech Republic

JTF DSE, Hungary