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Mysli globálne, konaj lokálne / Think globally, act locally

Nowadays we can read, hear and see everywhere an awful news about ecological disasters such as extremery hot and crazy weather or fires which are huge as the area of our country or even bigger. Fires are growing without control and they are caused by global warming and humans too. Fires are not our the only one problem. Deforestation, pollution, climate change, ozone layer depletion are many more which we can mention from the black list. Human being plays a key role to maintain ecological balance because they have the highest thinking capacity as compared to other living organisms. Everybody can speak but only few of us take the real initiative. We have only one planet and if we want to save her, we need to take the action right now, starting with ourselves to provide and show a good example for others. We, as a group of 5 young activists, decided to develop this project because we see that there is a huge lack of environmental actions in our society, especially in our city – Trnava.

The main objectives of this project are:

  • Raising awareness that we have just ONE planet which we need to protect for the future generations.
  • To gain new knowledge in the topic and to start behave as good examples for the others.
  • To develop and promote local initiatives, actions for greener, better, healthier, cleaner and nicer living in our community.
  • To foster sense of initiative, active European citizenship and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • To encourage other youngsters by interesting local activities in order to learn something new and do something for the environment.