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WORKSHOPS on Anti-Semitism today, civil society and equality, human rights in Turku / Sauvo, Finland were organized in February 2020 through interactive non-formal education methods. The aim of the workshops was to make young people aware of and understand the aspects of anti-Semitism and that it does not differ in its causes from any form of racism against “black”, disabled, “roma”, “gay”, or against any minority.

Memory Study Visit and Holocaust Memorial visits and Jewish Community Clubs in Slovakia will be organized in March 2021 with the participation of 80 young people. The memory visits are based on the participant’s experiential process. The visits will target Holocaust memorials and Jewish community clubs. The method of visits encourages interaction and dialogue, through simplicity and a willingness to communicate. The intention is to open a dialogue with participants about racism in every country today, in an effort to break stereotypes and fight the prejudices.

Structured Dialogue for Future Action on Racism and Xenophobia in Jelgava , Latvia in 2021 where 80participants will participate. Structured Dialogue is a process aimed at holding discussions on various issues between youth and policy makers. The purpose of this process is to take into account the opinion of young people in the formulation of European policies that concern them. The idea is to ensure a democratic approach to the dialogue, during which equal opportunities are given to all participants / substances.

International 2-day WORKSHOP for the creation of the fairytale “A fairy tale about Europe” in Turku / Sauvo, Finland in 2021 with the participation of 80 young participants. The international workshop will be attended
by young people from all partners in order to create the content and graphic design of the fairy tale “A fairy tale about Europe”. The young people will be actively involved in the creation of the characters and
characters of the fairy tale. Cooperation between young people from different countries will be able to give impetus to multiculturalism and equality.

Presentation of the Memory Book “A fairytale about Europe” in Greece in 2021. The event will be attended by all partners with the aim of presenting the “A fairytale about Europe” memorial book and celebrating the end of the project, which will be attended by EU educators, citizens, young people and officials. With the aim of disseminating the results and the book.