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Treat Yourself

The most critical life period is adolescence. Adolescents experience biological, cognitive and psycho-social developmental processes due to biological changes, sexual and body development which effect concentration and ability, self -control, more rapid and sensitive ways of reactions. This crucial stage in human life that needs care, guidance and empathy. Important role is played by Youth workers. Youth workers are expected to understand and relate to youth culture and their needs, form their attitudes and develop professional plans to execute sophisticated projects, hold in tension conflict, personality types, emotional abuse and organic community.

According Komprax the minimum framework of a youth worker competencies are – Motivation, planning and organizing , interaction with people, teamwork, creative thinking, flexibility in thinking and behavior, manage and lead people, analyzing and solving problems, legislation, non – formal learning. Although the definitions of youth workers vary from country to country, they express the same core – we are expected to be team managers and recruiters, teachers and trainers, counsellors and mentors, sociologists and psychologists, scholars and facilitators.

Upon all these responsibilities and daily pressure, youth workers often forget about their own needs. Too many requirements and stressful environment which with combination of personal and professional problems can lead to several problems, such as depression or burn out which are on the rise globally (Eurostat, WHO).

For this reason, the aim of our project is to keep well-being and support mental health-care of youth workers. The project provides youth workers with skills in crisis management for externalizing behaviors, and skills of mindfulness, stress reduction and improving resilience and motivation.

Our partner organizations come from Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Finland, UK, Italy.

The main activity will be held in Slovakia in a spring 2021.

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