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ESC: On Arrival training

Our volunteers Meri and Viktoria were excited to participate in the arrival training, which took place from April 20-24 in Zvolen. The training organized by NIVAM (Národný inštitút vzdelávania a mládeže) gave an opportunity to help them learn about their role as volunteers, the organization’s mission, and the expectations from them.

Throughout the training, they participated in workshops that focused on different aspects of volunteering, such as communication, teamwork, and cultural sensitivity. These workshops were very informative and provided valuable insights into what it means to be a volunteer, the challenges they may face, and how to overcome them. In addition to these, the volunteers also got to know each other and build connections through different activities, games, and discussions, which were designed to break down barriers and encourage interaction between volunteers from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. They also had the great opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Slovakia by going on a hike and were able to experience the stunning scenery, and learn about the history and culture of the area. Overall this was an unforgettable experience for the girls. It not only provided them with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills needed for their work but also helped them build connections and develop a sense of community with other volunteers in Slovakia. They left the training feeling confident, inspired, and ready to take on the challenges of their volunteer work.