Presko─Źi┼ą na obsah

ESC: Welcome Meri!

Welcome to our family ­čÄë
We are glad to have such an amazing person in our team.

Ahoj, I’m Meri from Armenia.
The first sentence I learned in Slovak is “Ja som dobrovo─żn├şk”, which means “I am a volunteer.”
For me, volunteering is a great way to make a positive impact in the world, and it’s inspiring to see individuals like me taking the initiative to help others in need.
As a volunteer at the Youth for Equality Slovakia NGO, I am going to organize seminars, workshops, trainings, discussion clubs and etc.. this is a great way to help educate and empower the local community. My journalism background and international experience in Norway are also valuable assets in my volunteer work, as they give me unique perspectives and skills that can contribute to the success of my future projects.
So wish me good luck :))