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Our youth exchange “Social Innovative Entrepreneurship” in Greece

Nearly 40 young people from 6 European countries, including Poland, Turkey, Albania, North Macedonia, Greece, and our Slovak group met in a small Greek seaside city, Nea Kallikratia, to be a part of a unique youth exchange called Social Innovative Entrepreneurship. During 12 days, we immersed ourselves in the topic of social entrepreneurship and gained valuable knowledge about its types as well as examples from each of our countries. Together in smaller teams, we had an opportunity to develop our own business idea, which we then presented to the whole group and discussed its impact on society and its role in solving social issues. Through prepared activities and creative workshops, the participants gained insights into the world of social entrepreneurship and explored the topic deeper. Our different mindsets and approaches were a challenge we had to overcome in order to collaborate and work as a team towards common goals. Even amidst our dedication to learning, we also enjoyed engaging in some exciting adventures during our free time. We observed stunning sunsets at the beach, searched for seashells along the shore, and some of us even swam in the sea. All the time we spent together created a sense of unity and made us feel like one big family, if only for a brief period. Also, we had a chance to explore Greece even more during our trip to the sunny city of Thessaloniki. We visited historical monuments, strolled along the sea, shopped for souvenirs, made some spontaneous decisions, and bonded even more as a group. An essential part of every youth exchange is undoubtedly cultural nights, during which each country had an opportunity to present its culture, traditional customs, and cuisine. None of the teams failed, and everyone prepared engaging presentations, quizzes, delicious food and drinks, as well as some energetic national dances. Finally, it’s safe to say we developed essential skills, abilities, and knowledge. Still, most importantly, we gained unforgettable memories and met amazing young people who we will stay in our hearts forever.