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Youth exchange in Serbia: Step Up 4 your Goal

The main idea of this project was “Social entrepreneurship.” Entrepreneurship is defined as the ability and readiness to develop in various ways. During this project, six people from Slovakia collaborate with a new group of individuals from Turkey, Italy, Serbia, Denmark, and Germany. The entire project took place in Avala, Serbia, from March 10th to March 18th, 2024.


On the first day, we had time to introduce ourselves. Towards the end, we kicked off with an intercultural night featuring Slovakia and Turkey. In the following days, we adhered to a more structured format, with each country leading its workshop and presenting ideas related to the topic. We delved deeply into the theme of entrepreneurship, striving to identify potential solutions. Naturally, we also enjoyed some free time to explore Belgrade, sample its cuisine, and seize the opportunity to visit the Nikola Tesla Museum. To wrap up the day, we relished an intercultural night focused on Serbia, filled with fun and laughter.


In the following days, we continued our discussions on the topic. Moreover, we took the opportunity to gather additional information during another intercultural night featuring Italy, Denmark, and Germany. We gained new experiences exploring the idea of creating a new project, writing a booklet, or drafting an article. Overall, it was an exceptionally creative project brimming with valuable experiences. During the workshops, we had the opportunity to lead the entire group, taking on the role of facilitators for a while. It allowed us to enhance our social skills, digital literacy, cultural understanding, and language proficiency.


We concluded the project with an incredible Green Farewell party and a trip to Avala Tower. It allowed us time to explore the natural surroundings of Avala and admire the breathtaking view from the top of the Tower.

Throughout this project, we had the chance to acquire valuable knowledge, forge unbreakable friendships, establish new contacts, immerse ourselves in diverse cultures, enhance our communication skills in the English language, and we had a lot of fun.


Janka, Natália, Lenka, Rebeka, Nikola, Lukáš