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10 Months of Skills I Gained in the European Solidarity Corps Program (Young Leaders): A Journey Story from Mahmut Uğur

It all started the day I applied to join the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) program. I was full of excitement and a little bit of anxiety. I was going to embark on an unfamiliar journey and meet people I did not know but I had a strong feeling that this experience would make me grow.


On the first day, in the hall where the program started, my eyes searched for new friends. Everyone was strangers to each other, but soon warm conversations started. Our first step was to develop our leadership skills and learn teamwork. Together we planned projects and organized events. Each new task taught me something new about leadership and team management.


One day, I came up with the idea of starting a multilingual speaking club. With this idea, I aimed to overcome language barriers and increase cultural awareness. We practiced in English and had conversations in other languages. In this process, I did not  only improved my language skills but also learned how to communicate effectively with people from different cultures.


Another important part of the ESC programme was providing information about Erasmus+ programs in local high schools. 📚 It was a great pleasure to inspire young people by introducing them to international opportunities. Each visit gave me more effective communication and public speaking skills.


I also discovered my entrepreneurial spirit through this program. Writing project proposals, organizing events and managing the language speaking club taught me important lessons in the world of entrepreneurship. 💡 In the process, I learned how to seize opportunities and come up with creative solutions.


I was also introduced to many innovations in the digital world. I created websites using WordPress, made graphic designs with Canva. 🌟 These digital tools helped me to bring our projects to a larger audience and gave me digital skills. Working on Erasmus portals helped me understand how online platforms work on the organization side.


This 10-month journey not only gave me technical skills but also unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. 💫 With everything I have learned, I look to the future with more hope. The European Solidarity Corps program has given me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally and with this experience, I believe I will take stronger steps in my future life.