Stay Offline

To address all the feelings and memories, we have brought back from the exchange would require at least a thin paperback. Nevertheless I will try to briefly summarise them.

The main focus of Stay Offline youth exchange being to learn, how to properly spend our free time, I must admit, we have done so extensively. For me personally it never felt easier to refrain from taking my mobile phone with me to the beach and I know that other members of the Slovak team felt the same. The organisers really went out and prepared the venue and the programme for the maximum of enjoyment. We got to taste what Cyprus is like. As far as cooperation goes, I would like to mention that, despite it not being top notch all the time, we conducted an extensive survey on the ground of the University of Nicosia, results of which were later interpreted. This taught us how to cooperate, using English to communicate, requiring us to focus on the area of our lives, which feels a little embarrassing from time to time. That is the addiction to internet. To fight this addiction ourselves, we engaged in outdoor activities, sports and crafts workshops.

In this manner I would like to express my gratitude towards organisations, which enabled me and other participants to take part, namely to Youth for Equality and the Youth board of Cyprus. Without the hard work of people in these organisations such splendid youth exchanges as Stay Offline is would be impossible.


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