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Internship through the eyes of Beatriz

My time has been amazing since day one in Slovakia. Before I even started my internship I had the chance to explore the country a little bit thanks to my father who stayed with me during the first week. So we visited so many incredible places. Tatra Mountains were the best for me as they are abounded by amazing views and inmensity. I have been lucky enough to visit them twice. 


When I started the internship I met Diana who is a really kind person and always has been. She has helped me with any problem. I have learnt a bit about the unseen side of Erasmus+ Projects. I have been helping her with little things such as creating banners or infopacks in  Canva which was a totally new thing for me. I also helped with final reports of the projects. This was so useful as I met with some people during the project that are also interested in creating their own project. I have organized Spanish lessons trying to teach people from Trnava some basics. I hope some of them will at least remember how to say beer. Hahaha…


Every Friday I had a session with Filip for a couple of hours in order to create a strategic document with European policymakers for the European Commission about LGTBIAQ+ rights from the point of view of young people. Filip prepared a few workshops for me as well where he taught me about creating my own project and how I can apply for a grant. All of those things have been new to me so I am very glad for an opportunity to spend some quality time with Filip.


As Youth for Equality organized a project called Treat Yourself in Trnava during my internship I could be part of it. It has been one of the best experiences of my internship. I met incredible people from other countries and I have realized how important our mental health is as it was the main topic of the project. We have built such a tight relationship with some participants that as a result of this, some girls and I want to create our own project! Hope we can achieve it thanks to my overall experience. 


Being away from home for the first time was a little bit scary at the beginning. I was exposed to learn and discover myself more. However I do not regret my decision to come to Slovakia. I love this place, its landscapes, people, food and the list would continue. Location of the country is a big advantage so I was able to visit other countries and cities apart from Slovakia. I am very grateful and satisfied for those two months here, which unfortunately has passed so quickly. I met new people with whom I shared good beer and wine. I changed the sea for the mountain; parties for traveling; Spanish for English. Now I see many things from different perspectives. I know that doing things on your own is not to be alone, it is to appreciate your own company; but now I know it is better than before. I am very thankful to Diana and Youth for Equality for giving me this huge opportunity. I have been loving it! Definitely I can surely say that this has been one of my favourite summers: different, full of experiences and discovery…


With love,