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We’re excited to invite you to our Mental Health Exhibition on the 23rd of June at Hlavna 22  TRNAVA 🎉 This exhibition is dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and showcasing the incredible impact of art therapy in supporting emotional well-being.

🎨Come explore a world of creativity and healing as we display the artwork created during our 6 art therapy workshops. You can find here our toolkit based on 6 workshops for 3 languages( Slovak, English, and Ukrainian):

🌟In addition, the exhibition will provide a platform for participants to share your experiences and stories. We’ll also hold a special ceremony to present your certificates. It would be great to be with us and share your experience with local people. 

Let’s unite to support one another on this journey. Your presence means a lot! 🌟✨
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Project reference: 11089.1.PA.2023 Power of Mental Health
Venue: Trnava, Slovakia
The project will be carried out with the support of the European Youth Foundation.