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Professional Media Presence

Professional Media Presence for artists everywhere

Professional Media Presence (PMP) project helps artists with fewer opportunities to claim their professional digital space. We do this by creating for professional artists, from all backgrounds, a safe space to learn, share, collaborate, and find new opportunities. PMP invites and engages artists to online seminars, workshops and residencies and creates various tools for learning. 

The PMP initiative answers the needs of several target groups, since the need exists on individual-,organizational-, local-, national-, and global/digital levels2 . Young, emerging artists/digital natives, who are fluent with most digital mediums, often do not know how to best harness their digital skills or

traditional media forums for their professional purposes. Simultaneously, more seasoned artists oftenexperience the lack of digital competence and social media etiquette, leading to professional frustrationand even career changes during the digital era. The pandemic has also blurred the lines of the

traditional artist-producer-manager division, forcing most artists also into the role of a producer or amanager with online platforms. This has led to an immense need for easily approachable instructions regarding the best ways to utilize these newest and most efficient technologies. New digital solutions also offer opportunities for artistic discoveries. Organizations might not know how to utilize the numerous possibilities offered by social and traditional media, and end up having the same, eventually unimpactful content for all forums. These organizations also might suffer from employees’ unprofessional behavior, e.g., in social media platforms. Local communities might become hostile towards artists, followed by disinformation or careless media practices. They also may not reach their full potential due to the simple lack of know-how on media practices or new technologies. On a national, European, and even global level the image that is created regarding traditional and social media forums impacts artists funding- and employment opportunities.

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