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City Health Week – ESC Team Volunteering

We are volunteers from different countries who came to Trnava to prepare local events and workshop about the healthy lifestyle and involving people in it.


We are a small group constituted by only 10 and we are full of energy. The group is more and more cohesive every day. Before arriving, we did not know each other, but immediately we have demonstrated the willingness to create a united group in tackling the project.  Italy, Finland, Ukraine, Sweden, Turkey are the countries where we come from, and we are proud to have two girls from Slovakia who can help us with the language. After few days we understood that actually we are more than ten because there are our coordinators (also come from different countries) with us that every day help the project to become something of big.


In our first week Trnava has City Health week, where we had a stand with activities we planned earlier in the week. We had a survey about people’s lifestyles and healthiness and shared the knowledge about healthiness and gave tips how to eat according to nutrition recommendations. In our stand you had a chance to play water bong and won your friends. Especially on a warm summer day it was important to remember to drink a lot of water and we had a many wonderful conversations with locals about all these topics. We also had the opportunity to try yoga and Zumba with locals, had a Slovak lesson and a lot of interesting things.

People in Trnava are very friendly and nice.  If we talk about the city, it is wonderful. Most of us have never been here before. Trnava is a small town with a very interesting history.  On the first day of our volunteering, we had the opportunity to play a very exciting game about the history of Trnava.  We learned more about the key events and received a commemorative prize at the end.  In addition, it is very interesting to explore the city, it is very cozy. It’ll be a pleasure to stay here for two more weeks!


Our feelings about the first week were quite mixed, we didn’t know what to expect. A long road, new acquaintances, it was all new to us but everything happened as it should. We became friends at once. All our meetings start in the office and this place has become our second home.


Everyone in our host organization Youth For Equality is very positive people with whom you can have a wonderful conversation and spend time.


All in all, we are very pleased to be in Trnava and will be happy to spend another two weeks here.