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Individual Wellness for Mindful Youth Work TC in Austria_1-9th April

Being part of your lives was like a fortune cookie that said: Be thankful for your luck.

Although I am not as kind as Barbora, or as observative as Nick, or as knowledgeable as Nayden, or as adventurous as Joanna, or as flexible as Orsie, or as dynamic as Sophie, or as fiery as Femke, or as poetic as Lorena, or as supportive as Nathalie, or as thoughtful as Chiara, or as erotic as Raul, or as loyal as Sedat, or as pure as Ploumi, or as sharpy as Dawid, or as appealing as Zuzanka, or as playful as Richard, or as peaceful as Jay, or as artistic as Klara, or as sweet as Zeynep, or as brave as Rebeca, or as consistent as Veselin, or an overthinker as Layla, or an explorer as Giordano, or a good listener as Arletta, or an achiever as Francesco, or a warrior as Davide, or a good cooker aa Mikey, I am the most grateful, because I deeply appreciate all the small things you all have done for me so thank you Davide for teaching me martial arts, thank you Nick for supporting the Greek team, thank you Nayden for reflecting all of us in your music, thank you Raul for always smiling back at me, thank you Barbora for waking me up in the morning, thank you Joanna for being always willing to listen, thank you Nathalie for adding in my stupidity and being a silent hug for everyone, thank you Layla for open your heart to us, thank you Chiara for cherishing us through your writing, thank you Sedat for your silent love, thank you Arletta for trying to respect everyone, thank you Ploumi for being the last warrior in dancing, thank you Klara for laughing with some stupid jokes of mine, thank you Zuzanka for always joining the vibe of the team, thank you Orsie for teaching us all these things, thank you Lorena for your calming touch, thank you Francesco for the yogurt with marmalade, thank you Richard for observing my weird feelings, thank you Dawid for playing ninja with me (and the mug), thank you Veselin for teaching us how to attempt to dance with patience, thank you Rebeca for trying to learn Greek phrases, thank you Giordano for the massage and the laughter, thank you Zeynep for cherish me all the time, thank you Femke for having the most enjoyable laughter in the whole project,  thank you Jay for taking me to the train station, thank you Sophia for offering me to make me a new March, thank you Mikey for calling me the sunshine. 


So, if you all have to remember only one thing about me (even though it may sound contradicted) then I wish in the world where everyone tries to be special and extraordinary, you be simple. You enjoy every moment. Love simplicity, all these moments that forms us today were every day plain things. They worth everything and people do not consider them as rich, people do not pay attention. 

This was the springboard for me and my lifestyle:

 For all these reasons please do not throw me out of the balloon, because even though I could not pay you back enough for the little moments you gave me, I will be the one who wherever I am or wherever I reach I will carry you all with me. 

 Be a simple kind of man