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We are looking for 7 participants 18 -30 for our upcoming project at Hondarribia, Basque Country, Spain ON 19/09/2023 – 27/09/2023
The Youth Exchange “EuroECO: Are you sustainable in your life?” is about to reflect democratic participation and our ecological habits. It is the exchange of 43 youth from 6 countries addressing the importance of democratic youth participation and sustainable habits to achieve the EU youth goals. It will last 8 days and will take place from the 19th to the 27th of September 2023 in Hondarribia (Basque Country, Spain). Through this project, young people will reflect about the importance of participation, use of resources sustainably, the care of the environment in their daily lives. This way youth we will develop different skills while raising awareness about the importance of caring for the planet. During the week it will be used non-formal educational methodology with dynamics, debates, workin small groups, artistic workshops, sports, creative presentations, theater exercises performances and artistic creation.Through this exchange we intend to put into value the potential of participation and sustainability to achieve the objectives of the EU in terms of youth, as well as new ways to live respectful towards nature and oneselves.
– Raise awareness about the EU youth goals
– Promote democratic participation in positive change
– Promote environmentally friendly and sustainable actions
– Develop different skills and competencies in the participants such as: creativity, initiative, organization, social skills.
– Promote equality and cultural diversity