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Believe in Youth

Coordinated by Institut Regional d’Insertion Professionnelle et Sociale, France contract number 2022-2-FR02-KA220-YOU-000102180 within the scope of Erasmus + Youth Key Action 2 Cooperation partnerships in youth, the target groups of Believe in YOUth project are young people NEET and the youth workers working with them. The main objective of the project is to assist young people in overcoming future anxiety by increasing awareness of career opportunities and nurturing self-confidence.


Youth for Equality Slovakia  

INFODEF Spain     

IASIS Greece  

GOI Government of Istanbul 

SYSTEM & G Finland 


The main purpose of this Output is to develop a career planning toolkit for NEETs. This toolkit will serve as a framework for all young people, especially NEETs, in partner countries and throughout Europe to help them plan their careers in work, sport or education. It will also enable youth center staff to provide better training and guidance services to all young people, especially NEETs. In addition, thanks to the ECVET Curriculum to be produced at the end of the output , activities that can be implemented across Europe will be placed on a common ground.


The main part of this output is to prepare a career guide that can be used in youth centers and that can be accessed individually by young people on the e-learning platform. The innovative aspect of the career guide is to identify both the daily life skills (in some cases considered as hobbies) or soft skills used in daily life and to match them with the skills required in the education or career ladder. In addition, with the self-reflection scale to be produced, it is to develop a scale that will enable young people or NEETs to get to know themselves better, to have insight into themselves, and to direct them to work areas or education areas that they are prone to with their current skills. In this way, a guide will be prepared that will help young people eliminate their future anxiety, and it will be ensured that their current potential skills are revealed in the business world or education, instead of being hidden.


The e-learning platform to be produced at this stage of the project and the Output2: Career Management Toolkit, Output 3:Transversal Skills Based Career Guide, e-Learning Contents and Insight Bank to be produced within the scope of the project will be accessible to everyone. This means that NEETs can be accessed from anywhere without being tied to a particular institution. The platform will also contribute to the digitization of educational content. In addition, this facility will make it easier to serve the purposes of Inclusion and Diversity.

Target groups and outcomes:

Youth Institution Trainers: will extend and develop their competencies to provide better education opportunities to learners, accessing to tools and methods for professionalization and professional development, updating of work-related knowledge and skills and contributing their life-long learning activities


For target beneficiaries (Young people groups, especially NEETs between 15-24 years of age): access to quality and inclusive education, training and career opportunities, overcoming future anxiety and promoting their self-confidence and mindfulness, stay informed about current labor and education opportunities.



“The Project funded by the European Union”