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Dear all,
We are looking for 4 SLOVAK participants for our upcoming project On March 2–9, including travel days, in Cazalla, Spain
This is a course for professionals who work regularly with young people or anyone who is interested in the topic in which they will discover methodologies and tools on how to work on the topic of daily hatred with young people.
The main objectives of the training are:
– digging into the topic of daily hatreds (recognizing different manifestations of daily hatreds through the cycle of oppression,
– acquiring skills to prevent or act against it,
– getting new tools and methods for self-learning and spreading awareness among young people,
– promote good practices in terms of good treatment and anti discrimination, etc)
The methodology of the training will be based on non-formal educational principles (active, participative, holistic, etc), which will provide participants with loads of non-formal and informal learning opportunities for their educational and professional development.
The training itself aims to contribute to a more equitative society and promote social justice and inclusion among all.
– Youth workers;
– Professionals;
– Teachers;
– Group leaders, mentors;
– People working in youth field;
– Anyone interested in the topic of invisible racism, inclusion and non-formal education.
– EU Citizen
Day 1: On the day 1 the participants will get the overview of the training more in depth and reflect on their expectations. They will have the chance to get to know the other participants better and start building up the group, while the first reflections on personal and common identity will be made.
Day 2: This day will serve to reflect deeper, experiment, debate through different non formal educational tools about microaggressions, stereotypes, prejudice, power relations and privileges.
Day 3: We will continue working on the same topics as the day before, centering our learning into competences we need to uncover the microaggressions, recognize them and know how to act. As well we will discuss and learn about how to manage conflicts and take care of our emotional wellbeing.
DAY 4: We will explore in-depth the concept of everyday hatred and hate speech, followed by a comprehensive view of the intersections that contribute to everyday hate and types or manifestations of it.
Day 5: We will start the morning sessions building awareness and positive actions to take against everyday hate creating a pool of strategies to combat it and to empower individuals to speak up and support victims. The participants will end the day learning how to develop their own campaigns
Day 6: After all the last details of planning and preparing for the implementation of the campaigns, we will have some sessions for sharing good practices, feedback and planning future plans together to take action. We will identify ways to apply the learning concepts in real-life situations and the closing remarks with certificates distribution.