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Green way of Social entrepreneurship

Unemployment or job related issues, poverty are devastating issues for many young Europeans nowadays. The recent outbreak of coronavirus aggravates already-detrimental employment situation. Social entrepreneurship in eco-friendly way can be as good help in mitigating the impacts of the economic crisis on young people as any. And youth workers are the ones working with young people who have to be enriched by set of skills for support the employability of target group. The requirements are changing fast as any time before and we need to react on current situation. Their knowledge and skills must be updated, they have to enhance their creativity in order to transfer this knowledge to their target groups. Secondly, social enterprises help the communities because they are not profit-driven and work with those who are disadvantaged and in this case support environmental sustainability.

One of the objectives is to share examples of ecologically friendly social enterprises in different countries and create an ecological social business plan to be used in the urban areas.

Our partners are social enterprises and NGOs from Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania.

The main activity is going to be a training course implemented in Slovakia in March 2021. It based on the principles of non-formal learning and that it is learner-centered and participatory as the project already promotes. The methods to be used in the training will be – innovative ways of brainstorming, workshops, interactive presentations, various evaluation methods, energizers, team building activities and another methods of non formal learning.

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