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Walls of Ignorance

Walls of Ignorance is the LGBT Leadership Educational Programmes. Our aim is to combine the soft-skills elements (such as leadership, critical thinking, marketing and creativity) with the hard-skills (knowledge of the problematics, history of the movement) to raise a new generation of large-minded, knowledgable and capable LGBT Activists.

During the programme, you take part in a broad range of workshops, all focusing on different topics. We are talking about the different aspects of project management (such as strategic planning and growth, development of a marketing strategy, effective management of your social media accounts, fundraising, self-presentation) all facilitated by the professionals from the field.

This is complemented by the workshops connected to the foundation of the LGBT Movement, its history, the current situation of LGBT Community around the globe, sociological patterns behind the homophobia and biological background of homosexuality.

You get a chance to not only educate yourself in an innovative manner but also practically test the acquired knowledge. You can create workshop plans for raising general awareness about the standing and struggles, which LGBT Community endures and practically implementing them in your communities during and after the end of the project.

The programme consists of two one-week training sessions, the first one in Bratislava, Slovakia, took place between February 22 and February 29, 2020, and the second one in Komotini, Greece, which takes place in 2021. The first introduced the activism and we also created the workshop plans, one of the project’s creative outcomes, which are tested by young people in their community. During the second training, we will focus on improving the previously gained skills and also on comping up with the recommendations for the policy-makers.

Each country is and will be represented by 2 leaders, who are also going to take part in the Round Table Discussion in Brussels in September 2021, where the outcomes of the programme will be presented to the representatives of the European Parliament and the European Commission, in a form of a brochure, containing recommendations on the approach towards the educational and edification programmes in the LGBT Area.

We are looking for 36 young and motivated people (12 from each country), who want to bring a real change to their communities. You can gain a comprehensive knowledge in all areas of leadership from the experts in their field, for instance, The Office of the Public Defender of Rights of the Slovak Republic or Mrs Pašková, a founder of Curaprox in Slovakia, who has been named the Best Manager of 2019.

The programme has been financially supported by the European Union through Erasmus+ Fund. This financial support allows us to do all of this for free (meaning that transport, accommodation as well as food expenses will be covered and reimbursed) and offer education to everyone, regardless of their socio-economic background.

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