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Young TREEtment for climate

In a world thoroughly affected by rapidly and dangerously changing climate, caused by extensive human activities, more and we more desperately yearn for solutions that will help us survive. There are many ways how to mitigate the negative developments. Nevertheless, often, they are presented as very complicated, technical, or hard to achieve. We tend to forget that there are still solutions, which are genuinely simple and astonishingly effective. When saving us before natural disasters we can turn to nature itself for help. Because nature can restore itself if we do not refrain it from doing so.

The youth exchange “Young TREEtment for climate” will help participants become more aware of what role trees have in the nature, their importance and the ways to protects them. We want to empower young participants and give them important knowledge and skills to be able to orient themselves in environmental issues and help them to adopt sustainable lifestyles respectful to nature.

The participating countries are from the South of Europe (Greece, Portugal), North (Finland, Latvia), Central Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland), and East (North Macedonia).

The project will incorporate multiple essential activities:
– starting each day with entertaining and thematic activities in the nature (ice-breakers, sports, relaxing activities);
– interactive workshops of the project’s core subject matters, Q&As, quizzes;
– discussions and role-plays through which the participants will strengthen their capabilities to analyse different sides of a given problem and to train themselves in argumentation;
– developing creativity through production of various information materials for the flash mob and national action plans;
– learning about activism – promoting good changes in the society (forest protection, fighting against climate change)
– Producing videos and visual photo material about the project and its workshops and actively interacting with Young TREETment for climate social media accounts (FB, Instagram);
– Practical learning of marketing and PR tricks applicable to promote good intentions and movements;
– Elaboration of national action plans (basic steps that should be practically done by individuals as well as authorities to reinforce the protection of forests and spread green areas, respect nature and protect it)
– Intercultural approaches and experiential learning methods will be applied;
– Innovative methods in non-formal learning will be applied throughout the entire project;
– Daily evaluation mechanisms will be put in place together with participants’ daily recognitions of newly acquired skills, knowledge and particular experiences.

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