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Upgrade Your Neighbourhood Brand Your City: You Know It Is Worth It!

Duration: 1 month

Location: Komotini, Greece

Starting date: 1 August 2020 – 1 September 2020

We are looking for 5 participants (18-30 years old) from Slovakia. 


In the socially sensitive area of Komotini (there is no match with another City of Greece), with a large percentage of young people belonging to the group we call young people with fewer opportunities, the 24 volunteers from Slovakia, Tunisia and Ukraine will promote the interaction of young people in society and will cultivate the idea that everyone deserves an opportunity to improve their skills and become active member and part of his/her local society, regardless of health status, age, gender, ethnicity, or other possible obstacles.

The program will be completed with a major event in the four neighborhoods. Our organization gives volunteers a wide variety of creative activities on the field of Healthy lifestyle, Youth policies and Urban development for the local youth. Since the organization cooperates with many local partners of Komotini and it is a living part of the community, holding an important role in the daily life of the community and having managed to be the meeting point for the youth at the region. Each volunteer will be integrated into the regular program of the organization and the youth festival and will be working 5-6 hours a day, five days a week. The two free days of the week will be decided from the beginning together with the coordinators and the staff of the project. According to the interests of each volunteer he will participate in the development, coordination and implementation of our actions. The office of the volunteers located inside the Europe Direct office. According to the interests of each volunteer he will participate in the development, coordination and implementation of our actions aimed at mobilizing young people, the promotion of Eco Rights and awareness of our Neighbourhood activities.

Moving in another country means learning and adjust the new knowledge to develop as a person and help the social and daily life development in your community. Through non formal activities our project will redefine the habits and the needs of youth in Komotini underline the need to respect our environment by upgrading our living space – our neighbourhoods. In 30 days we will upgrade the life of the youth in 4 neighbourhoods by stable events, actions and activities while the Final event – the Youth festival is the best way to brand our City to support our aims. Moreover the 24 youngsters will work on projects which aim to create a better life for youngsters, especially for those with fewer chances and those who are having luck of nature and exercise in their daily life. In addition through inter-cultural activities the volunteers will present their culture, and through daily life they will be integrated in the Greek society. “Upgrade your Neighbourhood Brand your City: You Know it Worth it! has also another meaning as promotes the youth mobility as a tool for the personal development and social change. The program will offer to the local youth a non formal series of methods for good life, inspired by healthy lifestyle activities and their use. Methods and activities were adapted to modern life, to promote active lifestyles, environmental awareness, direct human contact, youth participation and finally, the good life itself. Volunteers working with young people will learn and develop ways to face these challenges that both are beneficial for themselves and the comunity!


Youth Club: Every Friday in the area of the 4 selected neighbourhoods and during the festival in the festival place. Target group are young people who seek an informal cultural acquaintance with the EU states.

Healthy Club: Green Lifestyle made of environmental awareness and healthy lifestyle. Initially volunteers implement a research on young people eating, moving, living Eco habits. Then the youth promote our themes with clean days, environmental awareness campaigns, Eco workshops, exercise workshops, information activities.

The Youth festival: Actions to support and promote the event as they are analyzed to the activities session. “Zumba and Yoga” (3 times per week): Workshops of Zumba and Yoga at Komotini aimed at students’ awareness related to the exercise.

Neighbourhood Events: In this field, the volunteer will participate in and coordinate the healthy lifestyle and youth activities they organize in order to upgrade the neighboorhood.


System and G (Greece) – Facebook: Systemandg

Youth for Equality (Slovakia) – Facebook: yeslovakia

CEI (Ukraine) – Facebook: ceisumy

Ajmec (Tunisia) – Facebook: ajmectunisia


Centered at the European Information Center of Komotini ( 

Municipality of Komotini and Municipal Company of Education, Youth, Culture and Sports (DEKEPAK) 

 Rodopi secondary education directorate (, www.index.php)


In total 5 Slovak participants will participate in this project, age 18 – 30 years old. 

Accommodation will be covered.

You will receive a pocket money 250€/month. 

Travel budget per participant from Slovakia is 275€. 

CONTACT: Send your CV and a short motivation to