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Wise Mind

The Wise Mind Project with 2019-2-TR01­-KA205-078707 contract number is supported by European Commission via Turkish National Agency within the scope of Erasmus+ Youth Education Key Action 2. Coordinated by Istabul Provincial Directorate of Family, Labour and Social Services (IFLSS) from 01/11/2019 – 31/10/2022.

The project has 9 partners in total: Governship of Istanbul, Istanbul University – Cerrahpaşa, Baslangic (International Association of New Beginnings by Prevention and Treatment of Trauma), YOUNET (Italy), Youth for Equality (Slovakia), Anata Foundation (The Netherlands), Drosostalida (Greece) and Human&Longevity (Bulgaria).

The target groups of the Wise Mind Project are traumatised young people and the youth workers working with them. Young people may experience emotional, physical and psychological difficulties in their daily lives due to the trauma they have experienced. This situation can affect the youth workers working with them psychologically, physically and emotionally, too. Youth workers play an active role in solving the problems of disadvantaged young people in the society. In order to provide effective solutions in these process, a youth worker must be self-sufficient spiritually, physically and socially. However, with daily life stress burden and intense work pressure, youth workers do not know how to behave in times of crisis, as a result, they see themselves inadequate in solving young individuals’ problems and feel exhausted. Youth workers need to learn how to manage the process for the well-being of both young people and themselves. Since there is not any method to follow in situations such as crisis and stress management, they cannot respond to the demands of young people with demanded efficiency. In order to improve these situations, it was necessary to prepare a guide that can be used in many areas.

For these target groups, the intended results are as follows:

– Managing the problems they have in daily life with specific crisis management techniques which will be developed,

– Developing skills to reduce the frequency and severity of behavioral crisis

– Preparing a crisis management guide that can be used by professionals (youth workers) to facilitate the lives of disadvantaged young people in society in order to enable them to deal effectively with the problems they face.

– Increasing the mental, physical and social endurance of professionals (youth workers) to better cope with the moment of crisis and to manage stress successfully.

– It is aimed to ensure that professionals (youth workers) manage crises better by changing their behaviors and produce more effective solutions to solve the problems of young people they are responsible for.

For these purposes, 3 intellectual outputs will be developed in the project.

1) WISE Skills designated by the Mixed Method

2) Wise Mind Development of new holistic self care system for youth workers – “Wise Mind”

3) Case-Study Analysis E-Platform