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A Life-Changing Adventure for 18-Year-Olds

Over the past year, three groups of young people were involved in a life-changing adventure through the Discover EU program. They had the incredible opportunity to explore different routes, immersing themselves in the rich diversity of cultures that Europe has to offer. Every second day, they found themselves in a new city, discovering its sightseeing spots and local NGOs that are making a positive impact in their communities.
What is Discover EU?
Discover EU is an amazing initiative that allows young Europeans aged 18 to experience the
wonders of our diverse continent. It`s an opportunity to broaden horizons, forge connections, and gain new perspectives. Through Discover EU, participants not only visit famous landmarks but also engage with local NGOs, gaining insights into the social issues and initiatives that are shaping communities across Europe.
How to Apply?
If you are 18 years old and eager to embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery, Discover EU is the perfect opportunity for you. The selected participants are provided with a travel pass and a chance to explore Europe`s hidden gems.
Life-Changing Experiences
Many participants have shared how their mindset has changed after just a short journey with Discover EU. The exposure to different cultures, languages, and social issues has opened their eyes to new possibilities and perspectives. They return home with a deeper appreciation for the richness and diversity of Europe, ready to make a positive impact in their own communities.
Discover EU is more than just a travel program, it`s a transformative experience that
empowers young people to discover themselves and the world around them. If you are 18 and ready to start an adventure that will change your life, don`t miss the opportunity to apply for Discover EU.